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KEITHLEY - 2200-30-5 DC power supply 30V5A150W programmable GPIB USB interface standard including import freight excluding domestic VAT Sale
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Second-hand corrected belt with original factory warranty jishili KEITHLEY-2230G-30-6 DC power supply programmable DC power supply three-way output 2x Sale
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Second-hand corrected belt original warranty TEKTRONIX- TDS2014C digital oscilloscope digital real-time sampling built-in analysis tool waveform limit Sale
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TEKTRONIX- PWS4305 DC power supply linear regulated basic power supply accuracy is better than 0.03% 40 setting memory USB-PC connection List mode rem Sale
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Second-hand TEKTRONIX -TCP312A accessories current probe 100MHz TCPA300 probe TCPA300 accessories Sale
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Tektronix TEKTRONIX-RSA306B USB spectrum analyzer should be used for spectrum monitoring and interference searching DPX technology SignalVu Essentials Sale
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Used corrected with original warranty ROHDE & SCHWARZ - NRP2-B2/B5/B7 power meter IEEE USB Ethernet/LAN interface color screen Sale
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Second-hand calibrated with original warranty Tektronix TEKTRONIX-DMM4050 digital precision multimeter dual/graphic display desktop MM Type Tektronix Sale
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Keithley - 2260B-250-13 DC power supply DC power supply 250V13.5A 1080W programmable DC power supply including import freight excluding domestic value Sale
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Used Tektronix TEKTRONIX-MDO3FLEX accessories for FlexRay serial trigger and analysis Sale
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Geely KEITHLEY-2290-10 high voltage power supply suitable for material testing and high energy physics experiment 10kV IEEE-488 Programmable Low noise Sale
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Tektronix TEKTRONIX-TDS2001C digital storage oscilloscope 50MHz 500 MS/s 2 channel TFT color display and USB interface Sale
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Keshimi KEITHLEY-2100/230-240 digital multimeter 6 1/2 bits (230-240V) 11 measuring functions USB interface high precision (38ppm) Sale
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ROHDE & SCHWARZ - FSH4.24 handheld spectrum analyzer 100kHz-3.6GHz spectrum analyzer preamplifier tracking generator corrected with original warra Sale
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TEKTRONIX - MDO3104-MDO3AFG mixed domain oscilloscope spectrum analyzer arbitrary function generator logic analyzer protocol analyzer and digital volt Sale
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Corrected with original warranty nine new TEKTRONIX - RSA607A-04 real-time USB spectrum analyzer 9kHz-7.5GHz Sale
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Calibrated with original warranty TEKTRONIX - AFG31102 arbitrary function generator 1µHz-100MHz 2GS/s 2 channel with USB GPIB LAN interface including Sale
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Calibrated factory warranty Tektronix TEKTRONIX-MSO5204B mixed signal oscilloscope 2GHz 10GS/s 4 16 channels 53 kinds of automatic measurement optiona Sale
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KEITHLEY - DMM6500 desktop/System Digital Multimeter, 6.5-bit, multi-touch capacitive touch screen with graphic display, including import freight, exc Sale
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TEKTRONIX - 80E04 2 channel 20GHz TDR sampling module including import freight excluding domestic VAT Sale
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Is a technology KEYSIGHT-MSOX3054T 500MHz mixed signal oscilloscope 4 16 channel touch screen optional built-in 20 MHz function arbitrary waveform gen Sale
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TEKTRONIX - MDO4104C mixed domain oscilloscope 1GHz 5GS/s 4 channel synchronous acquisition spectrum analyzer analog and digital signal digital voltme Sale
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Jiucheng new American KEITHLEY - 2002 digital multimeter 10 Channel 1/2-bit 8K memory real 8-1/2 digit resolution optional: GPIB interface HP3458A sim Sale
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Second-hand TEKTRONIX - DPO2014B digital fluorescence oscilloscope 100MHz,1GS / s,4 channels, USB with warranty including import freight excluding dom Sale
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ROHDE & SCHWARZ - ZN-Z151 Calibration Unit 100kHz-8.5GHz 2-port SMA(f) R & S ID 1317.9134.32 for R & S ZVA / B / T and ZNB / C Sale
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ROHDE & SCHWARZ - NGPV20/5 0-20V 0-5A suitable for test systems and general laboratory applications including import freight and domestic VAT Sale
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KEYSIGHT - N6773A DC power supply module 20V 15A 300W is suitable for Agilent (now Keysight) power supply series N6700 and power analyzer N6705A Sale
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TEKTRONIX - P6616 genuine original accessories 500MHz Logic Probe, 2x 8 channels, only applicable to Tektronix MSO / DPO4000B,MSO / DPO5000 series and Sale
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Agilent (now Keysight) is Germany E8257D-540/007/1E1/UNT/UNW PSG series signal generator AM,FM, M, pulse and scanning including import freight excludi Sale
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Jiucheng New second-hand TEKTRONIX - TBS1154 digital storage oscilloscope 150MHz 1GS / s 4 channel USB interface OpenChoice software including import Sale
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Nine into the new Geely KEITHLEY - 2290E-5 high voltage power supply 5kV low noise IEEE-488 programmable optional protection module including import f Sale
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Power supply structure accessories Germany Huimei HAMEG - HM8001-2 with 2 module power supply mechanism shell Sale
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TEKTRONIX - TBS1104 is TBS1000 series digital storage oscilloscope 100MHz 1GS / s,4 channels, USB interface 16 kinds of automatic measurement, FFT ana Sale
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Jiucheng new TEKTRONIX - PWS2323 is PWS2000 series DC power supply 32V / 3A / 96W linear adjustment 10 mV / 10 mA programming resolution including imp Sale
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TEKTRONIX - TEK-USB-488 GPIB(IEEE488.2) to USB adapter original accessories 90% new import freight excluding domestic VAT Sale
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Jiucheng new German second-hand experimental equipment hot sale TEKTRONIX - TPS2024B digital storage oscilloscope bandwidth is 200 MHz with 4 channels Sale
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90% new TEKTRONIX/TEKTRONIX - AFG3101C programmable arbitrary/function generator 1µHz-100MHz 1 channel with USB,GPIB and LAN interfaces Sale
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Rohde & Schwarz-SGS100A-B106V B112V B1 B26 K90 CW source vector signal generator with integrated I / Q modulator Sale
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Second-hand laboratory equipment Agilent (now Keysight) is a German technology-33512B is an arbitrary/function generator using Trueform technology wit Sale
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Nine into the new with warranty KEITHLEY - 6485/E KEITHLEY 6485 picoammeter, 1/2 bits, Resolution 10 fA, with IEEE and RS-232 interface primary source Sale
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